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Move better. Feel better. Perform better.

Dancers deserve a level of care that supports their health as an athlete, as an artist, and as a human.

Bridging the gap between
dance education and
dance science and medicine

Ever been told by your doctor to just stop dancing when you are injured?
Let's find a more reasonable solution.

1                                                       Understand

Not knowing why you are in pain or why you are not improving can be scary.

The first step in recovery is understanding the root cause of the problem. 

2                                                              Restore

After getting an understanding of the issue, now it is time design a plan to fix it.

The second step is carrying out a plan addressing your needs as a dancer.  

3                                                                Thrive

Out of pain. Feeling stronger. Feeling more confident. Now it is time to take off!

 The third step is applying your new strength and knowledge to your dancing.

10 Tips for Dancer to Prevent Injuries

Injuries are not entirely preventable, but there are several factors that make you more prone to them. Download this free booklet to learn more.

Why choose Kinetic Wellness?

VIP Experience

You will get direct communication with the doctor of physical therapy (email/call/text). Get your questions answered directly by a PT that's not burned out and truly cares about your needs.

longer sessions

Session lengths to suit your needs to get results. Getting a full hour with a doctor of physical therapy is not common in a typical clinic these days. Longer sessions but fewer sessions overall are needed.


Do you have more than one issue that you need addressed? That can be taken care of here since our PT considers the big picture and helps you put the pieces together.


Trying to find the right exercises and modalities for your needs can be frustrating and time consuming on your own. Our PT gets you on the right track quickly so you can get the results you want!

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